AK-ma-7-2004-003Welcome to our websites, you’ll find AK47 Rifles and their gear that we have reported on, photos of AK47 rifles we have shot and reviewed, AK47 training and AK47 related resources.



AK-47.us – In 2013 we upgraded our popular AK47 review system with new features, enjoy the sorted lists on topics like: Top 10 AK47, AK47 Rifle Review, AK47 Rifle Folder Review, US Built AK47 Review, AK47 Pistol Review, AK47 Shotgun Review, AK47 Receiver Review, AK47 Receiver Flats, AK47 Parts Kit Review, AK47 Bayonet Review, AK47 US Parts Review


AK47websites.com – Index of our Kalashnikov Websites and other online resources for AK collectors, Shooters, Builders, etc.


AK47bayonets.com - Welcome to the world of Kalashnikov Bayonet Collecting

Here you will find many photographs of a growing AK Bayonet collection
Included is information where it helps explain the bayonets

This is a never ending project, so you will find portions that are incomplete or missing, we will add to this as we are able


AK47 Books.com – where we review books about the AK47, Mikhail Kalashnikov
and their place in history and firearms evolution



What is this place? – A free resource for building the AK-47 and other Kalashnikov Rifles
What are we selling?Nothing, this is just a lot of free information, supported by a few ads.. enjoy it and please give us some feedback so we can continue to improve it
Why did we build this website? – We are website guys who like to build AK47 and Kalashnikov Rifles, this is our online notes, diary and photo album. I



We will answer these questions and more..


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